Monday, March 5, 2012

In which I appeal the trespassing order

For nine weeks the University had been using the pretext of the non-academic misconduct investigation to deprive me of all my rights as a student. They were undoubtedly hoping I would just become discouraged and walk away. Despite this, I had kept on going to classes and handing in assignments as though it were business as usual. Even suspending me from class attendance was not enough to stop me. So the University announced that if I showed up on campus again, I would be charged with trespassing.

Since they have given no written reasons for this order, it is not in my interests to speculate here on why they felt they were entitled to bar me from campus property. Even as they did so, the Registrar told me I was still expected to hand in my assignments as though I was a still a student. In other words, they wanted to expel me without having to actually expel me. I wrote back immediately, calling their bluff. Either they were going to allow me to appeal the expulsion, or they were going to admit they had expelled me:

To the following officers of the University of Winnipeg:
The President
The Academic Vice-President
The Dean of Education
The Registrar
I wish to appeal my expulsion from the University of Winnipeg property as per attached “Barring Notice Under the Petty Trespassing Act. In order to present my appeal, I am requesting:
1) the immediate release and delivery to my home within 72 hours of all information which the University may have relied upon in making its decision to have me banned from campus property.
2) an affidavit to accompany this package affirming that no other pertinent information has been withheld from me, including information relating to any and all complaints against me at the University, and including also any information relating to my practicum at Gordon Bell High School.
3) a meeting be arranged no later than one week following the release of the information wherein I will be allowed to argue for the lifting of the barring notice.
4) acknowledgement within 24 hours (via return email) of receipt of this communication by all parties copied, including the President, the Academic Vice President, the Dean of Education, and the Registrar. If I do not receive acknowledgement or equivalent to my satisfaction I will, notwithstanding the barring notice, present myself on campus in person to hand-deliver copies of this request.
5) that in the event my appeal is successful, that I be excused from responsibility for any adverse academic consequences that may have taken place between the expulsion and the conclusion of all appeals, including missed assignments and tests etc. and also including missed practicum attendance.
I find that notwithstanding the Registrar’s assurance, in the letter accompanying the barring notice, that I “remain registered in your courses and you are welcome to continue doing course-work that can be conducted without coming to University property”, I find that the present conditions amount to such an egregious and unjustified infringement of my rights to participate in university life as to amount to a de facto expulsion. I am therefore demanding that in the event that the University is not willing to comply in full with the above requests, that I be given a full refund of all tuition and other fees paid to the University for both the Winter and Fall Terms.
Please note that these requests will not be satisfied by the simple lifting of the barring notice, because without the opportunity to refute the malicious allegations which led to the notice, I will remain under the ongoing threat of further retributive actions.
Marty Green