Thursday, September 27, 2012

The fight is on

I was kicked out of the Teacher Certification program on January 11th of 2012, and a few days later I began this blog. The fight between me and the university was carried out mostly via email, and I used this blog to make those communications public. My last post was on the 5th of March, and shortly thereafter I removed all those posts from the internet.

It is now six months later and I have launched court procedings against the University. I have just learned that the existence of my lawsuit is about to be made public in the media, and so in order to tell my side of the story, I have reopened this blog. All my previous posts have been restored, and I will be adding new information as it develops.

At the time I was fighting my expulsion last winter, I still didn't know the details of the complaints against me. The University steadfastly refused to disclose them to me. I now know those details, and I plan to use them to my advantage. The legal process can drag on for years, and even a huge cash settlement in the end cannot properly compensate me for the damage that was done to me. But if I have anything to say about it, the University of Winnipeg will not come out of this affair scot-free.

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  1. As soon as the proceedings are over, and you get paid, you can change your name and start a new life.