Monday, March 11, 2013

Please Mark My Assignment Or Else

I told you how Professor Metz found my repeated requests to mark my last assignment to be so threatening he actually went to court to try and get a restraining order against me. The scary part was when I told the University that unless they complied with my request, I would be forced to "proceed accordingly". Well, I have now carried out my threat, in the form of an Application with the Court of Queen's Bench, which I have linked to here so you can read it. If you ever have a situation where a professor refuses to mark an assignment after you've handed it in, you might want to use my application as a template. (Or you might want to wait and see if I win my case before first.)

You'll notice in the Application that I undertake to provide an Affidavit to support my claim. It turns out the Affidavit is where all the fun starts. I hardly knew how many emails I had sent over the course of a year, simply asking for this and a handful of other assignments to be marked and returned to me. In the end I got back four of the five items I had been asking for, but Professor Metz decided to be a hardass on the last item. We'll see how that works out for him. If you'd like to go through the whole sordid tale blow by blow, you can read it all in my Affidavit.


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  2. I think you are just doing this now for the fun of it. Just to bust some balls... lol I'm with ya man...

  3. Professor Metz sounds like he is threatened by all your actions. He sees your not going to back down, and has filed for a what? A protection order? Same sense in restraining your distance away from him, workplace, office.

    Great work Marty, don't get discouraged by this. Some people actually can't handle the truth too well, and they go ballistic. Excellent work done in your part taking action and standing firm with diligence. I really love a fighting spirit who only wants what is right. And you claim that because that's yours to keep.