Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Bushes' Story Falls Apart

It had been a long and gruelling day of testimony for Mr. and Mrs. Bush. I had caught them in one contradiction after another, pinned them down on evasion after evasion, but they still clung to their story: On the evening of January 11th, I had tried to force my way into their home.

What is clear is that I had phoned Mr. Bush at around 5:00 pm that evening, but he had slammed down the phone without allowing me to state the purpose of my call. (Except that in his Affidavit of May 30th, he claimed that I indicated I had papers to give him.) And when I rang the doorbell he didn’t hear it because the doorbell doesn’t ring downstairs…except it does! And he was in the study on the computer (except when he testified in Provincial Court, he was in the bathroom and he did hear it ring.) And when I subsequently appeared at the door and extended those papers towards his wife, she shut the door without warning on my outstretched arm. And when I asked her in court why she wouldn’t just take the papers, she claimed she thought it was a term paper, and she wouldn’t accept it because it was overdue! (Even though she had heard her husband minutes before telling me that I should communicate through his lawyer…why would I be submitting a late term paper to his lawyer?)

And then came the alleged struggle…a period of close to sixty seconds when I was desperately trying to get in the door, and Mrs. Bush was desperately trying to keep me out. Why didn’t she call for help? She claims she was struggling so hard she didn’t have the breath to call! And when I questioned whether that was even phsyiologically possible, she changed her story: she didn’t call her husband because she didn’t know what I might be carrying and wanted to keep him as far away from me as possible! Of course, that doesn’t explain why she didn’t scream out “Call the police!”

And if there was indeed such a death-defying struggle as described by Mrs Bush, and her husband came upstairs to find her “white and shaking”…why, when he phoned Prof Metz minutes later, did he say little more than “Martin attended at my door despite my instructions to the contrary….Heather shut the door on Martin.”

But the most obvious question of all is: before it got to the point of “physical confrontation”, why wouldn’t she just take the papers, say “thank you” and shut the door? When I asked her that, she evaded the question: “we were beyond that already,” she claimed. What does that even mean? Yes, we perhaps we were “beyond that” at the point where I was supposedly trying to force my way past the door, but were we “beyond that” when I was simply standing on the threshold with the papers extended towards her? She doesn’t answer that.

She doesn’t answer because there is only one answer, and it’s obvious to anyone. She won’t take the papers because she’s trying to prevent her husband from getting served. Because that explains everything! The slamming down of the phone, the “call my lawyer”, the repeated claim that “Martin did not state the purpose of his visit” (they subsequently admit they didn’t give me any opportunity to do so), the “my husband doesn’t want to see you”, the “you can mail it” (because she knows I can’t mail it…you have to serve someone personally by putting it in their hands!)…and especially…George staying safely out of sight for the duration of the “struggle”…because they know that all I have to do is catch a glimpse of him in the background, and then I can serve him legally by simply dropping the papers to the ground where I stand!

There is one simple reason which explains all the alleged circumstances of the home invasion…the fact that George Bush was worried that I was going to serve papers on him, and he didn’t want to get served. And that’s why his wife answered the door instead of him. Not because he was in the study, or in the bathroom, or he didn’t hear the doorbell, or he may have heard it subconsciously…not of that holds up. I believe he heard the doorbell and immediately bolted for the basement, telling his wife…”get rid of him, and whatever you do don’t let him give you any papers!”

But that’s not how it happened, they insist. The phone call was around 5:00 pm, and after telling me he wanted nothing to do with me, George and his wife were totally at ease, confident that the matter had been taken care of. So when the doorbell rang ten minutes later, there was no reason for either of them to think it might have any connection to the earlier phone call…


  1. Best of luck Marty! Hopefully the University gets what they have coming to them!