Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Teacher's Code of Ethics

I guess I opened a can of worms the other day when I mentioned the question of "ethics". I was saying that the University has a motion before the courts to throw out all the incriminating evidence I've collected against Bush and Metz. It's a legal maneuver, and they might get away with it...but is it ethical, I asked.

The first hater to jump into the fray was Miss Fricken. She said was the one who was unethical, because I disrupted classes that other students had paid to attend. I thought that was a bit of a stretch. Even if what she accused me of was true, is that really an ethical question? One thing led to another, and finally one of the haters chimed in, claiming that the fact I was fighting my expulsion instead of quietly accepting it and moving on with my life showed that I didn't understand the Manitoba Teacher's Code of Ethics.

It's funny because that took me back to the day the very first volley was fired in the campaingn to kick Marty Green out of school. Back in Professor Bell's class, he used to present us with little scenarios for group discussion, which often involved those types of ethical dilemmas which are familiar to philosophy students as one form or another of the "rowboat problem". In this particular scenario, we were to put ourselves in the shoes of a student teacher who was assigned to classroom observation, and was then shocked at the way the teacher was mean to one of the young kids. The student teacher remembered that before she went to class, the principal had hinted to her that she might have some concerns about what was going on in there. What should the student teacher do? I said she should tell the principal what she saw.

One of the other students in my group disagreed with me. She not only disagreed, but she told me in no uncertain terms that I was being unprofessional: that it was against the Manitoba Teachers' Code of Ethics to do what I had suggested. If I had something to say against a colleague, I was obliged to speak first to that colleague before going "up the chain" to lodge a complaint at a higher level. That student was Jennifer Babcock.

I told Jennifer I disagreed that I was being unprofessional. Jennifer retorted that I was simply wrong: people who knew more about these things than me had devised rules of conduct, and I had better follow them. I toild her I didn't think I needed to read someone's "Code of Ethics" to know what was right or wrong.

After class, I noticed Jennifer out in the hallway speaking in hushed tones to Professor Bell. Later that evening, I got a call on my cellphone. It was Professor Bell. He told me that my dominating presence in class discussion was causing a chilling presence which inhibited others from participating. I immideiately told him if he had any complaints he should put them in writing and send them to me by email. He refused, and I told him the conversation was over.

The next morning,  I sent Bell the following email:
Pursuant to your phone call of yesterday evening, if you have any complaints about my behavior in class, please convey them to me in writing so that I may respond to them.
Bell was not willing to put anything in writing. He replied:

   Sorry if my approach went over poorly.  I don't have an office and I am on campus only  around class time. This really isn't something I would want to trade emails about. If you wish to talk I always stick around after class for an hour or more.  Maybe we could meet for coffee. If you feel I am off base on this we can simple drop the topic.  I will leave it up to you.
Sincerely,   Dave Bell

But Professor bell did not "simply drop the topic", as he said in his letter. He went to the Dean. And so did Jennifer. And from that day, no one said a word about my behavior in class until the Dean's secretary contacted me. By that time they had put together a dossier on me which would ultimately get me kicked out of school, including complaints from Bell, Metz and Cantor. I've told you about Cantor's complaint, and how she admitted on the witness stand that it did not represent her own true feelings about my behavior. Bell's lie was even more blatant: in his letter, he simply says "My attempt to discuss this situation with Marty was ended abruptly and impolitely by Marty." No, Professor Bell. It was ended when you twice refused to put your complaints in writing.

Article Seven of the Manitoba Teacher's Code of Ethics reads:
"A member directs any criticism of the professional activity and related to the work of a colleague to that colleague in private. Only after informing the colleague of the intent to do so, the complainant may direct in confidence the criticism to appropriate officials through the proper channels of communication."
I already said that I don't believe much in Codes of Ethics, but Jennifer Babcock clearly does. Was she following the Code of Ethics when she went behind my back to Professor Bell, and later to the Dean, to complain about me? Was Professor Bell when he told me he would "simply let the matter drop" and then went straight to the Dean? Was Professor Cantor when she wrote her poison pen letter?

Or does the Code of Ethics not apply to people like them, whose are so pure of heart that even their shit doesn't smell?


  1. I'm sure there is a code of conduct, which probably includes ethical comportment, for students attending the U of W, but I don't know how stringent it would be... so whatever code Jennifer was following would probably have been personal. Just my guess.

    As for Bell, if he did, in fact, go directly to the dean after insinuating that the matter was small enough to drop, that's awfully duplicitous...

    1. But Jennifer doesn't believe in personal codes of conduct. She believes that poeple who know about these things have figured out what's ethical and what isn't, and we had better follow them. At least that's what she told me.

    2. Actually she does. You're the one who has been spoiling for a fight. Every chance you were given you threw away. You are a liar.

    3. How do you know what she believes? Are you Jennifer?

    4. That could be my name.

    5. OK, it sounds like we're playing twenty questions. Are you statuesque, green-eyed and beautiful?

    6. Actually I was browsing the site and your name came up so I thought I'd look you up and I luckily found you here. I'm sure you don't mind is meeting this way, do you?

  2. Comments Marty?

    How would you deal with it if a student does not complete a curriculum requirement? Should they still be considered skilled in a topic they did not study? I suggest each school must ensure people learn certain things to earn the school's and the student's accreditation. I think your free methods, which in theory sound wonderful, would assuredly be quite deadly.

    Imagine, Marty, it is possible that a person training to be an engineer, but not having completed the required curriculum, might design a flawed bridge. If the bridge collapsed in a windstorm due to inadequate design then people could die. That has happened before - and now you know why engineers wear an iron ring made from materials from a collapsed bridge.

    Certainly, Marty, using your free teaching methods, the students could have an instructor who gives them the freedom to discuss the creation of Mona Lisa, or the perceived phenomenon of synchronicity, or Timothy Leary's use of LSD for mind expansion, but will they then have had the time to learn what is needed to design a bridge correctly? Surely not if the subject matter in the course is dense.

    While your ideas about teaching sound wonderful, I suspect the incompetent engineer and his school would be subject to serious lawsuits - never mind ethical and moral dilemmata - if they didn't ensure a graduating engineer knows engineering.

    1. Why don't you address this one Marty? This is definitely relevant :)

    2. No I don't think so.

      I heard he might be at the motorcycle repair shop getting his teeth done. After that I believe he'll be going to the hairdresser for legal consultations. Later in the day I suspect he'll be looking to evaluate bridges designed by rodent exterminators. All in a day's work.

      Life is so easy when you don't have to worry about curricula or accreditation.

    3. He's at home with his daddy who told him he couldn't go out and play until he'd cleaned his room.

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  4. Marty doesn't qualify. He doesn't understand English. Darn.

  5. Curriculum

    In formal education, a curriculum (/kəˈrɪkjʉləm/; plural: curricula /kəˈrɪkjʉlə/ or curriculums) is the planned interaction of pupils with instructional content, materials, resources, and processes for evaluating the attainment of educational objectives. This process includes the use of literacies and datagogies that are interwoven through the use of digital media and/or texts that address the complexities of learning.

    Other definitions combine various elements to describe curriculum as follows:

    All the learning which is planned and guided by the school, whether it is carried on in groups or individually, inside or outside the school. (John Kerr)
    Outlines the skills, performances, attitudes, and values pupils are expected to learn from schooling. It includes statements of desired pupil outcomes, descriptions of materials, and the planned sequence that will be used to help pupils attain the outcomes.

    The total learning experience provided by a school. It includes the content of courses (the syllabus), the methods employed (strategies), and other aspects, like norms and values, which relate to the way the school is organized.

    The aggregate of courses of study given in a learning environment. The courses are arranged in a sequence to make learning a subject easier. In schools, a curriculum spans several grades.

    Curriculum can refer to the entire program provided by a classroom, school, district, state, or country. A classroom is assigned sections of the curriculum as defined by the school. For example, a fourth grade class teaches the part of the school curriculum that has been designed as developmentally appropriate for students who are approximately nine years of age.

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    Employer: Houseworks Chores and more

    How to Apply:

    Please apply for this job only in the manner specified by the employer. Failure to do so may result in your application not being properly considered for the position.

  7. Marty, how can you talk about ethics when you had every opportunity to adjust your aggressive behavior and you chose litigation instead. In communication after communication with you the profs and the institution heads offered to talk with you. You wanted a fight. Tell me, who in his right mind would hire you now that they cal all see how litigious, aggressive, dishonest and offensive you really are. It looks like you are an idiot savant, and the savant part left you a long time ago. Now daily it seems you are just thrashing about like an ignorant moron, striking anything that moves. You'd be a joke if it wasn't costing innocent taxpayer so much money. Have you no sense of decency?

  8. A prof comes to you to a problem and you tell him to put it in writing? Cmon man!!!!

  9. And no she didnt follow the code of conduct, you guys werent licensed teachers so that does not adhere to this situation.

  10. Marty you may beat to your own drum, but here is a great situation displaying why you shouldnt be a teacher anyways, The code of ethics is there for a reason and you are straight up saying saying it doesnt apply to you because you know what is right and wrong. If you went to an administrator with a problem, the first thing they would ask you was whether you had spoken with the individual yet about your problem. They may or may not offer you some guidance or what not, but before they get involved, it is expected, as two professionals you attempt a compromise

    1. I'm guessing you're you're right that if I went to the Dean to complain about someone else, that is the first question he would have asked me. But I do not believe he asked that question of any of the people who complained about me.

    2. Camprumize? Never heard of it, never mind know how to spell it.

  11. I very interesting book to read is by a man by the name of John Douglas, who was one of the pioneers of criminal profiling for the FBI. The book is called "Law and Disorder" and here is an excerpt from the prologue titled: "Witch Hunting".............

    "In Salem, Satan's presence and influence was an accepted reality, so that this preconception, this pre-judgement, was a factor of everyday life. But it could be anything. Assumptions and presumptions, false confessions and recanted testimony, mistrust of outsiders and fear of those who are different, the innate need for certitude, authority and closure...these are all part of the Salem story. But they don't end at Salem................

  12. Good one Dave.

    Now if Marty could only stop witch hunting all those alleged co-conspirators, attacking them with his vexatious, frivolous and ludicrous lawsuits and his libelous blog posts, then maybe he'd learn to free himself from those satanic impulses which drive him and which he appears unable to control, neither in class, nor afterward as he is trying to justify his disruptive and unproductive behavior.

    Luckily Marty's possession by the dark forces which have caused him to unrelentingly discombobulate class after class, forcing his dismissal from those classes, and then upon his further recalcitrance even forcing his removal from institution after institution, leading to his jail time and final banishment from some of the most respected institutions in this province, is not met with the same insane religious fervor demonstrated in Salem.

    Thankfully, Dave, we've come a long way since the days of the Salem religious idiocy. We now have a legal system which separates church and state and a social network which can help people like Marty, if they are willing to accept that help.

    The other great opportunity we have which was not available in Salem is the internet. For example, Marty could use sites such as to sell his services on the open market. If his brilliance is as he feels then his students will be the vehicle by which he can exercise his pedagogical theories, and thereby, without rancor, litigation or argument, prove his point and his own integrity as a person and educator.

    Marty, there is hope yet. All is not lost.
    Love to all.

  13. From Harvard - :


    Students are expected to conduct themselves responsibly, honestly, and with due consideration for others while enrolled in Harvard Extension School, including distance courses, and on Harvard University property, as well as in all of their interactions and communications with members of the Harvard community. The Administrative Board for University Extension reviews the actions of students charged with harassment; fraud; infringing on the rights of others; violating the rules and regulations of any University department; behaving inappropriately toward University faculty, staff, or fellow students; the unauthorized use of University facilities or equipment, including computer resources; the alteration or falsification of University records; the unauthorized recording, sale, or purchase of lectures or other instructional materials; destroying or defacing University property; misrepresenting themselves or their University affiliation; or disturbing orderly academic functions and processes. The unlawful possession, use, or distribution of drugs and alcohol by any student is prohibited. Students who are found to have violated these rules are subject to disciplinary action, including possible withdrawal from a course or program, or suspension from the Extension School. Because students are expected to show good judgment at all times, not every kind of misconduct or behavioral expectation is listed here.

  14. From McGill:

    5 Obstruction

    No student shall, by action, threat, or otherwise, knowingly obstruct University activities. University activities include but are not limited to, teaching, research, studying, administration, public service, scheduled events
    and activities.

  15. From Conestogac:

    Not attempt to obstruct or disrupt teaching administration, disciplinary procedures or other College activities.

    Not enter, or attempt to enter, closed College facilities; not to disrupt, or attempt to disrupt, the scheduled use of College facilities; not to block, or attempt to block, access to or from College facilities; or not remain within, or attempt to remain within, College facilities after closing, unless authorized to do so by the President’s designated representative.

  16. From York:

    Abuse of, or disrespect for, the processes of this Code, such as: bringing unfounded complaints with malicious, frivolous or vexatious intent; failure to comply with the reasonable requests of a University representative; failure to attend meetings or hearings regarding alleged breaches of this Code; retaliation against any participant in the Code process; failure to comply with Code sanctions.

    Disruption of, or interference with, University activities, such as: causing a substantial disorder; bomb threats; creating dangerous situations (intentional or not); making or causing excessive noise; disrupting classes, events or examinations; proffering false identification or documentation; intentional misrepresentation; setting off false fire alarms; blocking exit routes.

  17. Hey Marty ... did you hear this one? Moshe listens just like you do:

    A dialogue while Moshe is at the top of Mt. Sinai....
    G-d: "And remember Moshe, in the laws of keeping Kosher, never cook a calf in its mother's milk. It is cruel."
    Moshe: "Ohhhhhh! So you are saying we should never eat milk and meat together." G-d: "No, what I'm saying is, never cook a calf in its mother's milk." Moshe: "Oh, L-rd forgive my ignorance! What you are really saying is we should wait six hours after eating meat to eat milk products so the two are not in our stomachs." G-d: "No, Moshe, what I'm saying is, don't cook a calf in its mother's milk!!!" Moshe: "Oh, L-rd! Please don't strike me down for my stupidity! What you mean is we should have a separate set of dishes for milk and a separate set for meat and if we make a mistake we have to bury that dish outside...."

    G-d: "Good lord, Moshe, do whatever the hell you want!!!......

  18. To all who didn't / don't have time to read through all the postings on this wonderful blog today, I'll give you a summary of Marty's creative thoughts herewith:

    - I am a genius;
    - I know better than any stupid professor how to teach;
    - I am a genius;
    - There's been a grand conspiracy against me;
    - I am a genius;
    - I have the right to disrupt any class I feel like, any time I want to;
    - I am a genius;
    - I have the right to insult teachers, students, assistants and whoever else I want to whenever I want to;
    - I am a genius;
    - When given the chance to discuss my inappropriate behavior with the proper authorities I snub and ignore them and file lawsuits instead;
    - I am a genius;
    - They are all liars and cheats;
    - I am a genius;
    - I am never wrong and my behavior is always impeccable;
    - Oh, and did I mention that I am a genius?

    Pretty novel postings, eh?

    Way to go Marty, you've got us all really impressed.

    Keep posting your libelous allegations. It is certainly helping you land that next great job ... as janitorial assistant.

  19. MARTY - you started this fight and you are going to lose it.

    You'd be a lot better off if you rescind your court cases and all your allegations now before you suffer additional self-imposed public humiliation, and then likely a serious series of countersuits which could wipe you and your family out financially.

    So Marty, how about a public apology, and a personal one to each and every one listed in your many court filings as a start? That would be one of the first steps in atoning for your offensive and now criminal behavior.

    If you refuse to do that then I'll remind you of how you treated people with a few lovely quotes. Don't forget you will have your nose rubbed into these facts and if you think you were humiliated before it will definitely go very badly for you if you continue your slanderous, libelous, aggressive and criminal actions.


    1. I have personally witnessed his outbursts and argumentative behaviour in our mutual class together. Let me tell you, he was a little more than disruptive and a LOT scary! He was inappropriate, lacked social skills and was NOT open to other opinions. He misunderstood a lot of what the profs intentions were and it lead to frustration on the professor's part, not to mention the students. His true colours will shine in court, he has no ability to hide them.

    2: Excuse me? By his own description, he was disruptive and argumentative. As for the public scandal - I've never heard of him before this. And, you'd think he could come up with something a little more original than the usual template of emotional distress, etc. Any bets that if we heard the other side of the story, this fellow would come off looking very bad?

    3. Should 'Math With Marty' still be on the air...check.
    Should he still break out with his fine singing and tickling of the ivories....check.
    Should he be in front of students....not so sure. I don't know him personally but from what I've seen on my old beta max tapes, he might be a few brackets short of an algorithm!

    4. From what I have heard about Marty he is a savant. Smart as a whip when it comes to math, but unable to work in social situations. I recall when the UM faculty was on strike, it was reported in the news that he started to hold his own math classes on the UM campus.

    5. Seems that he thought that he knew everything and didn't know when to shut up.

    6. while i agree that marty should have been told ahead of time that there were complaints about him, i had a class with you and do not in any way think you are cut out to be a teacher and the u of w made the right choice there.

    7. I took the time to read Marty's blog and I've got to say it really doesn't read well for him. I went through the faculty of education at U of W. It takes a LOT to get removed from practicum and it takes even more to get removed from classes, let alone barred from the property ...

    8. One cannot get a lucid judgement from such a legal compliant. The Bench will never note, in his judgement that, "From this point onwards, the Associate Dean and practicum staff will like Mr. Green". Rubbish. This is a nuisance case from a jilted, formerly "brilliant" student. Best the respondents can do is file and forgetaboutit.
    Won't make it past prelims.
    By the way, "still hopes to be a teacher someday". In Upper Volta, Africa? Electronic news is an international medium. my friend. Made it to FL, so far.

    So there are just a few Marty.


    1. We're going to give Mr. Give-It-Up some credit here (it's funny how you can tell if a hater is a man or a woman) for stepping up to the challenge and actually putting together the case against me. It's a daunting case but there is something a little peculiar about it. I wonder if anyone wants to guess what is my objection to the charges against me as presented above?

    2. e dun foghots to say moo so you could unnerstan that waren't no case

      here you go ...


    3. Might your objection be ... that there are no specific details offered in his case ? It's little more than some half-baked opinions and deeply felt irritations and that a case does not make. Plus #4 is especially foolish. An idiot savant is someone who is an IDIOT in all respects save that in which he is a SAVANT , or has abilities far beyond the normal person. Marty is not an idiot. Some may not like him, but he handles the day-to-day well enough to escape this label. And I don't think the author quite understands what happened re: the strike at the U of M. You can clarify if you wish.

    4. Yes, it looks like those are just opinions, and opinions do not a case make. I suppose you can find Marty's allegations in the court documents he filed, but it would be interesting to hear his opinions on the U of M situation. It is rather odd that so many people, including classmates took such a dim view of Marty. Some guy posted the different universities' student codes of conduct or some such above. I wonder how that applies in this situation. Any idea if those codes of conduct would hold up in a court case, or are they just drivel?

    5. Idiocy

      American Heritage Dictionary:
      1. Extreme folly or stupidity.
      2. A foolish or stupid utterance or deed.

      1. (not in technical usage) severe mental retardation
      2. foolishness or senselessness; stupidity
      3. a foolish act or remark

      Random House:
      1. utterly senseless or foolish behavior; a stupid or foolish act or statement.
      2. the state of being an idiot.

      Bovinity, cretinism, idiotism, moronism, stultiloquence

      fool,jerk, moron, nitwit, stupid, twit, blockhead, bonehead, cretin, dimwit, dork, dumbbell, dunce, ignoramus, imbecile, kook, muttonhead, nincompoop, ninny, pinhead, simpleton, tomfool, out to lunch

      So Anonymous 6:49 let's look at this:

      A man ostensibly sets out to become a teacher, but due to a protracted series of amazingly idiotic moves manages to get himself banned from classes, then even banned from numerous schools, then trespasses and gets thrown into jail, and finally makes highly public his absurd bovinity. Now maybe he never wanted to become a teacher, and just wanted to lose a series of court cases, or maybe he had secret desires to meet Bruno in cell block D late at night for a little tryst, if you catch my drift.

      If he wanted either of those two options then he has succeeded and the term idiot would be inappropriate, and if he were to admit to that then I would surely be very pleased admit my mistake. If, however, we take him at face value, that he wanted to become a teacher, then his behaviour has been entirely idiotic, not just once, but a whole series of times over a period of years. Surely that makes the guy an 'idiot', not in the psychological sense, but in the practical and coloquial sense.

      Thus, Anonymous 6:49, I'd suggest idiot is the right term. Savant, maybe, but, goodness, what good is the savant part when you have AIDS or HERPES or whatever disease Bruno so kindly proffered, along with a painfully enlarged rectum?

      I think the best part is when the cretin publishes his stupid moves on a libelous blog. He certainly can't claim his reputation has been damaged by anyone, because he's done all the damage himself.

      Oh, and by the way, Anonymous 6:49 - did you notice comment 4 didn't use the term idiot at all? It is you, Anonymous 6:49, who used that term, so tell us all again who on this blog is 'especially foolish'?

    6. @Mad Magazine Marty - You used the term 'savant' which is short for 'idiot savant'. So you did actually imply the term 'idiot'. You're not half as clever as you think.

    7. Anonymous 4:06, first off please understand I don't think I'm exceptionally clever at all.

      I'm just picking nits here because this clown is costing our society way too much, all because of an overblown ego and the behavior of an overgrown spoiled child.

      To be frank, though, it looks like Savant may be used on its own:

      From Wikipedia:

      Savant (French for "knowing", from the French savoir "to know", English since the 18th century) may refer to:

      1. Savant syndrome

      2. An expert or wise person

      Note the second use in the wiki.

      From Merriam Webster:

      sa·vant noun \sa-ˈvänt, sə-, -ˈväⁿ; sə-ˈvant, ˈsa-vənt\

      : a person who knows a lot about a particular subject

      : a person who does not have normal intelligence but who has very unusual mental abilities that other people do not have

      Please note the first use in Merriam Webster.

      It is not as if I knew this in advance, so thanks for getting me to look into it. It would appear from those two sources that savant may be used on its own.

      On the other hand, the item 4 comment we are actually referring to really did talk about a lack of social skills, which in extremes could be exemplified by idiotic behavior, something which I believe was amply demonstrated by the individual in question.

      Honestly, have you ever managed to piss off successive teachers to the point where you were tossed from not just one school or class, but many, over a period of several years? I've been quite a wild rebel, and sometimes still am, but I'd say that takes some skill to accomplish what that moron has managed - refer to comment 7 and, unless you are that bovine Mr. M, your own classroom experiences.

      That cretin's behavior was absolutely asinine, and continues to be so as long as he continues to libel people and further publicly humiliate himself on this blog or for that matter anywhere else.

      His only real choice is to back down and apologize, but I don't think he has the social graces to even consider such a thing. He thinks he's always right, and the more so after he has acted like an imbecilic and petulant child.

      So I hope the use of savant is now understood to be possible on its own.

    8. Yes according to the dictionary it is possible to use the word 'savant', although I rarely see this. The OED lists the last use in the 19th century.
      Do you think that Marty is *deliberately* pissing off these people ? Choosing to do so ? That's the key here isn't it. You are throwing around a lot of offensive accusations which seem to take this for granted.

    9. Because Marty has never leveled accusations against classmates he barely knew on anything more than a shaky basis...

    10. Rubbish. Marty has caused all sorts of people of all sortsofwful behaviour. I think that is called projecting.

    11. Accused ... Darned auto correct.

    12. Actually I do have a theory which would explain why Marty has engaged in these unconscionable acts.

  20. Deleting posts eh Marty. Can't face the truth huh?

    1. As the haters have ramped things up here and started calling him out and now that were are seeing more of his accusations, its easy to see that he is way off base, he has been deleting a lot of comments. Funny how the Marty supporters have gone missing too. Maybe Marty was posting as "Anon" supporters. I could see it.

    2. 'Haters' is just a Martyism just as his asinine belief that he can disrupt classes without consequence is. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. His next stage performance might be a chance to see and hear Marty's methods turned against him. I can't wait to see that.

      And yes, guaranteed Marty was posing and posting as anonymous in his own boneheaded defense but since his behavior has been spectacularly stupid over such a long period of time and that he was libeling people left and right made it so very easy to rationally show he is an idiot, a bovine cretin and a social retard.

      It is time for Marty to give up the court cases and personally apologize to everyone be has so offensively harmed and accused during his years of offensive Bovinity.

      How about it, Marty?

    3. So many trolls !

    4. No way, it is not me writing now, I'm just channeling hundreds of people, even dead ones, who are speaking through me ... er ... no ... geez ... I think I'm getting the Marty disease: rampant imbecility and arrogance wrapped up tightly in a delusional and aggressive ego.

      I think someone suggested all you, Marty, have to do is drop your frivolous and untenable lawsuits, quit this libelous blog; stop slandering people and apologize. That would be pretty easy, especially since you yourself said there is very little chance you can win those suits.

      Perhaps if you continue your current irrational and obsessive actions you just might find your own personal suit delivered to your door in the dark of night by some irrational and unpredictable lunatic - oh - no - hold it - that's what you did ... likely a process server would be used by professionals, because they are actually professionals and don't claim to be engineers when they're not.

      Honestly, how on earth did you ever manage to piss off successive teachers to the point where you were tossed from not just one school or class, but many, over a period of several years? Then to get banned from their property, not be able to take the direct message, trespass and thereby land yourself in jail where it appears likely you and Bruno made out just fine in the dark of night, that takes quite some effort. To manage what you have accomplished and then beautifully and publicly document your rampant cretinism on this blog and in your suits is really a sad form of egomaniacal psychopathy.

      Consistent lunacy, preposterous allegations, refusal to reasonably discuss things when given the chance and a flagrant litigiousness almost suggests the work of an aged politician or lawyer on his last legs looking for a final bizarre hurrah. Very odd.

      Marty, just stop and try contributing to society rather than destroying everything in your sight !

      With love,
      Your local militant feminist labour organizer.

  21. Hey Marty old buddy old pal just make sue you tell us when your next performance is. We'd all love to come help you out a bit, you know, like you helped out so in the classrooms. You know turning your Back on the audience just isn't good form but we'll be happy to get up there with you to show you how it is done. Say, will you have any blackboards up there?

    We sure look forward to helping you on with your performances there so be sure to keep us posted.


    Oh, don't waste your time, eh, because we'll just keep an eye out in the papers to save you the trouble, love

    Don't thank us now, like I'm sure you want to but just hang on until We've helped out, just as you like to help all those awful profs out, eh?

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    Helps With verbal diarrhea which seems to afflict you so Marty. ☺☺

  23. So Marty answer the post about the engineer who didn't have time to learn proper engineering in class and kills people with bad bridge design. That is highly applicable here oh brilliant one.

  24. I want to join Marty's band.
    I can be part of the brass section.
    My instrument is the shoe-horn.

  25. Marty, you will find a very cool site here
    All our love.

  26. “With 50 people in a classroom and a professor standing up at the front saying, ‘This is how math should be taught,’ how can there be only one guy in the class who disagrees with what they’re saying? How can that be?” asked Green.

    That can be if that one guy is looking to make his money from a lawsuit rather than from an honest day's work.