Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Why Don't They Just Sue Me?

Over the last few months, I've been documenting some of the lies my professors told to get me kicked out of university and even thrown in jail. In this blogpost I tell about how Professor Dave Bell lied. In this post you can read about how Mrs. Cantor admitted to lying about me in her letter to the Dean. In this post I tell about some of the lies told by Don Metz told, and in this post some more of his lies. Vice-President Neil Besner was caught lying on the witness stand here. And Professor Bush was caught in a web of lies here and here.
You might be wondering: how do I get away with this? Why don't they sue me for defamation? And why don't they get an injunction to shut down my website, like they did for that guy who was posting things about Sam Katz and the Jews? 
I don't think there's another website anywhere in the civilized world where a guy like me is running up and down the backs of all these university professors, and they're just sitting back and letting him get away with it. For example, there's that physics professor who got fired from the University of Ottawa, and then he wrote an article where he called another prof a "house negro" for U of Ottawa President Alan Rock. He's getting sued. Why not me?
I know what the haters are going to say. They'll say that I'm an insignificant worm who's not worth the attention, and the University doesn't need to give me any more publicity by dragging me to court. Maybe so. But that's no excuse for letting me slander them up and down the internet. I got over five thousand hits on this blogsite last month. That's gotta hurt. 
I say the reason they won't sue me is because they know I'm telling the truth, and they'll lose if they go to court. And as long as they keep quiet and let me get away with it, more and more people are going to believe my side of the story: that they are liars. Every day they don't sue me is one more day that they are admitting I am right. 
They've already spent over a hundred thousand dollars to try and prevent me from getting my case heard in court. Money is no object for them. If they had any sense of honor they would defend themselves against the charges I've made in this blogsite. The fact that they are afraid to do so speaks volumes about what really happened. 


  1. Um.. I think you answered your own question.
    "They'll say that I'm an insignificant worm who's not worth the attention, and the University doesn't need to give me any more publicity by dragging me to court."

    This was a pretty weak attempt at baiting them. Sometimes you impress me, this time? Not so much.

    1. > This was a pretty weak attempt at baiting them.

      Aw, come on. Even a master baiter like Marty fumbles once in a while. Give the guy a break.

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  3. DATELINE Marty's Education

    NEWSFLASH: March 2014 - Marty signs up at Berklee School of Moosick

    FYI - I want all you admirers and supporters out there to know I've signed up for a new course at another school - I'm sure you were all looking forward to that. This time I'm blessing the Berkelee School of Moosick with my presence.

    Following is a brief excerpt from the Syllabus:

    Live Sound: Mixing and Recording
    Author: Wilhelm Schmedley Nierenstein

    Lesson 1: The Sound Operator and Musical Considerations

    Qualifications of a Sound Operator
    Duties of the Sound Operator
    Interruption by Marty Green
    Preventing Catastrophe
    The Musical Function of the Band Members
    Interruption by Marty Green
    Song Form and the Contemporary Pop Song
    Interruption by Marty Green
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    Instructor asks to speak with Marty Green privately about his behaviour
    Instructor interrupted by Marty Green
    Marty Green sues the instructor, the school, the state of Massachusetts, the U.S. Federal Government and the United Nations.

    As you can see, even Lesson 1 is going to be a great adventure! I will be having so very much fun!!!

    I'm sure all the other students will also really appreciate my invaluable and brilliant contributions to the syllabus, their education, their morals, the methods used in educational environments, the world, the environment, my religion, and my dad.

    Woah ... you can all sit down now, and save the clapping and standing ovation for later, please ...

  4. Here's an alternative suggestion, Marty: "They" aren't sueing you because the issue of whether or not "they" are lying is a matter that has yet to be determined by an actual judge. You've chosen to put this matter before the courts-- the civilized thing to do is to shut up about it until the matter has been concluded.

    Here's an idea: why don't you just post the court documents and the dates of upcoming hearings, and let your audience show up (or not) and see for themselves what's going on, without the distraction of your personal spin on the situation.

    When I first started visiting this blog, my initial reaction was to think you were nuts, and probably socially tone-deaf as well. Eventually, I realized that, notwithstanding your nutsery, there could still be something fishy about the UofW's position.

    But, here's the thing: No matter how much verbiage you spout, I still can't make up my mind which party is more in the wrong. Which in turn suggests that this whole blog is a massive exercise in self-indulgence.