Friday, October 2, 2015

The University Stands Behind its Own Lies

I told you last week how I sent the University documentation of all the lies that their professors have told to get me in kicked out of school and worse, and how they continue to stand behind those lies even when they have been thoroughly discredited. For your information, here is the letter I sent them. You may wonder why I don't get sued for libel for posting this kind of thing. It's because they know I'm telling the truth.

And here is the letter I sent them on Monday.

Since kicking me out of school almost four years ago, the U of W has been trying to paint me as a dangerous psychopath, accusing me of death threats, home invasions, horrifying verbal assaults, email harassment and more. Theoretically, I should have had a chance to respond to those accusations when I was charged with non-academic misconduct; but the way the University’s “star chamber” is set up, you’re not allowed to call witnesses or cross-examine your accusers. Fortunately for me, the University was stupid enough to follow up by filing criminal charges against me, where I got to call witnesses. At my trial, I was able to show that all the slanders against me were false, and not only false but deliberately calculated to harm me: 

1.         The “death threat” was a perfectly innocent hand gesture I made in a private conversation with a friend, which registrar Colin Russell and Professor Don Metz seized on as an opportunity to expel me from the Teacher Certification program. The proof that they knew the gesture was innocent was that when they reported it as a “throat slashing gesture”, neither of them disclosed that they had only seen the gesture from the rear, so neither of them saw my facial expression. They each deliberately reported it in ambiguous terms so that everyone thought that the “throat-slash” was aimed at one of them.

2.         A key pillar of the Non-Academic Misconduct charges against me was a breathless report submitted by one Professor Cantor concerning a horrifying verbal assault against a classroom guest, an ASL interpreter. At my criminal trial, she admitted that she actually saw nothing wrong with my behavior in class, calling it “polite and respectful”; and that she was only reporting  how my question was “perceived” by one of the  students. This deliberate omission shows that she carefully crafted her letter (at the Associate Dean’s request, by the way!) to cause me the maximum possible harm.

3.         Professor Metz claimed that after I was expelled, I subjected him to a campaign of email harassment that lasted almost a year. He even went to court to try to get a restraining order against me. (which he didn’t get).  At my criminal trial, the Judge said simply that the emails were not harassment.

4.         Professor Bush and Professor Metz both lied when they reported to the University that I tried to break into Professor Bush’s home; and they lied again when they denied under oath having said any such thing. The second lie fell apart when emails surfaced showing that they had said exactly what I claimed they said. And the fact that they tried to deny having said it proves that it was a lie: why would they deny having said it if it actually happened? The truth is that I went to Professor Bush’s home to serve legal papers on him, and phoned ahead to tell him I was coming. When I rang the doorbell, he sent his wife to answer (so I couldn’t serve him!) and when she slammed the door on me (without warning!), I simply turned and walked away. That’s when Professor Bush called the police to report the “home invasion” and all hell broke loose. The University compounded the lie by spreading it everywhere, while omitting the crucial detail that I went to Bush’s home to serve legal papers. They deliberately left that out to make it look like I went there simply to harass Professor Bush and his wife.

In short, the accusations against me have been nothing but lies from the very beginning. If anyone reading this can name one single thing  I ever did that would have justified them kicking me out of university, I urge them to come forward disclose it, so I can defend myself…the way I was never allowed to defend my self in the University’s disciplinary proceedings, or so far in the Court of Queen’s Bench.

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