Saturday, October 27, 2012

I want my project back

Back in January, when I was being kicked out of school and barred from the property, one of the lesser consequences of the overall drama was the matter of a few items of personal property, including three assignments and two projects, that remained stranded at the University. One of the projects was a "bulletin board" that I had put quite a lot of work into and had some fun with. Unable to return to the campus to retrieve it, I wrote the Vice President listing all the outstanding items and asking for his assistance in having them returned. The VP replied, indicating a willingness to return my personal property, but all subsequent attempts on my part to make arrangments to identify the projects in question were ignored.

Last month I initiated civil procedings against the University over my removal from the program, and it occured to me that they still hadn't returned the items they were holding. So I wrote them an email, copying it to the VP, the Registrar, the President (Lloyd Axworthy), the Dean of Education, etc. Someone must have lit a fire under the Registrar's hind quarters, because this time he responded only a week later. He had two of the five assignments, but had consulted with Professor Metz over the other three items and reported back that while acknowledging the Bulletin Board, the Professor had no recollection of assigning us any projects.

There was still one assignment unaccounted for: the bulletin board. It seems Prof. Metz was claiming that he had not marked it because it was incomplete. It seems there was also a one-page write-up to go along with the project that I had neglected to submit. In any case, He said I would have retrieved it in the Fall term, before the Christmas Break.

Actually, the Bulletin Board was submitted the first week of January. I looked in my Sent Items mailbox from last January and there was the write-up. If Prof. Metz never got it, it's not because I didn't send it. So I wrote the Registrar back, telling him that I had indeed completed the assingment, that I was re-copying the written portion to Prof. Metz, and that I still wanted it marked.

Then I looked over the Registrar's letter one more time, and I realized that Prof. Metz was in fact a fountain of misinformation. He had made three mistakes in one short paragraph. So I wrote the Registrar again, copying it of course to the President, the Dean, etc. and of course to Prof. Metz as well:

I have noted the following two errors in the information you received from Prof. Metz:
1. Contrary to his assertion, the written portion of Ass't 5. was emailed to him on January 11th.
2. Contrary to his assertion, there were various projects assigned us through the term, including the two which I would like returned.
I now note a third error on the part of Prof. Metz:
3. Contrary to his assertion, the Bulletin Board project was submitted in the first week of the winter term, not in the fall term.
In view of the number of errors made by Professor Metz in such a short space, I wonder if you would want to reconsider the reliability of the information you used in deciding to expel me from the Education program, in light of the fact that much of that information came from this same Prof. Metz.
That was over a week ago, and I haven't heard from them since.

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