Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Laurelyn Cantor: What I think of Marty Green

Yesterday I told you I felt pretty betrayed when I found out what the oh-so-nice Professor Cantor was saying about me behind my back. Here it is in its entirety. The essay she trashes was a Personal Reflection assigment which I was actually really proud of. I'll show you what I wrote when we return, but today I yield the floor to Professor Cantor.

"To whom it may concern:

"I feel that Marty Green's behavior has had an adverse effect on the well-being of his fellow students in my class, EDUA 2530 152 Introduction to Special Education in the Fall 2011 term at the University of Winnipeg.

"During the first week of classes, I explained the expectations for all the assignments for the course. Prior to the first assignment being handed in, due on Sept 22, 2011, I told the students not to hesitate to ask if anyone had questions or needed clarification about the assignment. Marty did not attempt to contact me. Marty's assignment did not meet any of the criteria clearly explained in the course syllabus. The feedback I gave Marty said that I could not mark his paper, and to meet with me to discuss it. He told me that he did not feel the assignment was relevant. Included in his paper was a detailed account of one of his classes, and the way he was mistreated by the professor. 

"Marty also told me at the time that he felt many of the professors, as well as the students, disregarded and disrespected him. 

"At the conclusion of one of the final presentations, Marty made an inappropriate request of an ASL interpreter. The student who had invited the interpreter was embarrassed and offended, and wrote an email, which I have enclosed, with redaction. 

"As indicated, I feel that Marty Green's behavior in class has had a detrimental effect on his fellow classmates.


"Laurelyn Cantor, PhD."

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