Saturday, January 19, 2013

How do you appeal an appeal?

I promised I'd explain to you the difference between a Motion to Strike and a Motion for Summary Judgement. I actually wrote it up and posted it, but then I decided that maybe I ought to take it down until I see the Brief of opposing counsel on the motion. Just in case I inadvertently tip my hand.

In the meantime there's a bit of a sideshow that's getting more and more interesting. I told you last year that Professor Bush gave me an F on the final assignment of the course, and I wrote the Registrar (as per the regulations) notifying him of my intention to appeal. The Registrar came back with some procedural reasons as to why the appeal was premature.

Over the following months, as the expulsion process moved forward, I wrote the University on numerous occasions asking to have my grade appeal heard. In June the Registrar finally agreed to submit my appeal to the Departmental Review Committee (DRC). (By then I had long since been expelled from the University.) It wasn't until October that the DRC, after much prodding, finally notified me of their findings. Not surprisingly, they rejected my appeal.

There is one more level of appeal. A student has a right to appeal to the Board of Regents. I had already attempted that avenue with regard to my expulsion. But despite my best attempts to contact the Board, all my letters over the spring and summer had simply been ignored. I had the email address of the Chairman, Craig Lee, and on one occasion he acknowledged receipt but made no further response.  I also copied my correspondence to the Corporate Office with no effect. Obviously, sending emails to the Board of Regents was not working.

If the Board was ignoring my right to appeal the expulsion, how how was I going to get them to pay attention to a mere grade appeal? I decided that someone within the University community must know how it was done, and since I wasn't getting any response from official channels, I would just broadcast an email to as many professors as possible. And that's what I did on October 9th and 10th.

You can read my email in the next blog entry.

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