Thursday, January 24, 2013

The weeks drag into months.

October turned into November, and still the University was not responding to my requests for the return of personal property and marked assignments. Finally, the Registrar arranged a meeting for Friday Nov. 9th where I would identify the property. The meeting took place, and at that time he also handed over to me two of the three outstanding assignments.

Then I waited for the property to be delivered. A week later I thought a gentle reminder might be in order:
Thank you for returning the two marked assignments I have been asking for since last January. I am however baffled at the failure of the University to return the private property which I identified for the Registrar last Friday, and which he undertook to have returned to me. I do not understand why there seems to be a problem with the delivery. 
I am even more baffled by the failure of Professor Metz to mark the final assignment which I completed in January at a time when I was still a student in good standing of the Faculty of Education. I understand Professor Metz had claimed that the assignment was incomplete; I have already indicated that he was mistaken, and have further indicated that I am able to provide proof to that effect if the University wishes to examine my email outbox. In any case, Professor Metz has since been provided with the allegedly missing portion of the assignment, and I do not understand why he continues to refuse to mark it.

And then I waited. The University ignored me. So I wrote again:

Another week has passed with no reply from the University to my request for the return of personal property. I cannot imagine why the University would not simply follow through on the undertaking which they gave me to have the property returned.
I also await the return of my marked assignment from Professor Metz.

If you thought they would respond to that, you would be wrong. A week later I wrote again:

The weeks drag on into months and still the University has not followed through on its undertaking to return my personal property, nor have you provided any explanation for your inaction on this matter, despite repeated requests. I would also remind you that there also is an outstanding assignment for which I am owed a grade, either passing or failing depending on Professor Metz's intentions. It is not acceptable to me that he simply refuses to enter a grade in the record. If he maintains (agaist all evidence to the contrary) that the assignment was not completed, he owes me a failing grade.

It seems that the University is simply choosing to ignore my correspondence on these matters. I do not understand the thinking behind this strategy, but if that is your choice,

I will proceed accordingly.

Marty Green
At last the Registrar responded:

Sorry for the delay on the items of property, Marty. Please let me know if you would like to come to campus to pick up the items you identified, or if you would like me to have them couriered to your home.

Regarding the outstanding assignment, it is the University's position that as you have been withdrawn from the course in question, no further evaluation will be provided. It is unfortunate that there is a disagreement over whether or not the written piece was submitted, but it is general practice not to continue with any evaluation after a student has withdrawn or been withdrawn from a course.


No, Colin, I wasn't going to pick them up. I'm barred from the campus, remember? In the end he had them delivered. But in the meantime he had decided on a new reason not to mark my final assignment. 

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