Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Back In Court

The litigation season is heating up again. I've got five civil and one criminal action lined up against the University, starting today at 2:00 pm in the Law Courts building and stretching through next fall. Here is what we are facing.

May 21: This afternoon I am before a Queen's Bench justice arguing against the Schoolteacher Defendants, Tram and Skull, on their Motion for Summary Judgment. This is on my Claim for Conspiracy to Injure with regard to the way I was removed from my practicum. I accuse Tram and Skull of cooperating with the U of W to kick me out. The Schoolteacher defendants are represented separately from the professors, and both parties have motions for summary judgment against me.

June 3: Back in Provincial Court before Judge Krahn for the conclusion of my criminal trial for Forcible Entry and Trespassing on the U of W campus.

Sometime this summer: I expect to go before a Master against D'arcy and Deacon who are representing Professor Bush and his wife, who have moved for Summary Judgment on my Defamation lawsuit, where I say they falsely accused me of a home invasion.

Sept. 16: I have an Application before the Queens Bench for an order requiring Professor Metz to give me a grade on my Bulletin Board assignment. This is the assignment I handed in just before I was kicked out, but which Professor Metz refused to mark.

Later this fall: The Professors have their own motion for Summary Judgment, on the same claim which the Schoolteachers are arguing today. But the arguments are very different. The Schoolteachers are basically asking for summary judgment on evidence, saying that the facts do no disclose any malice. So we'll basically be arguing the credibility of Mr. Tram's diary, which has been a recent topic of this blog. The Professors are aruging jurisdictional grounds: basically, as far as the courts are concerned, that what happens at the U of W, stays at the U of W. The briefs were all filed long ago but the lawyers for the University have been delaying on the date.

Later again this fall: In addition to my action for conspiracy stemming from the practicum removal, I have a further claim against the University for Breach of Duty of Care with regard to the way they kicked me out of the Faculty of Education. I have filed my arguments and we are still waiting for the University's responding brief, due on June 15th. Then we will set it down for argument in the fall.

And that's where it stands...for now.

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