Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mr. Tram's Diary: Day 3

I've been posting the daily entries from Mr. Tram's Diary, where he documents my performance as a student teacher. Here is the third entry from his diary, covering Tuesday the 15th of November.

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Nov 15, 2011

Started with the Pythagoras theorem and right triangles. Many kids were frustrated and requested Mr. Green to teach Science instead of mathematics. He stated that is was intended to be an opening exercise but he went on for too long. The experiment on electrostatic went well but he did not explain in detail why and how things work. I would use a diagram at least. He went on and talk about the lines of forces (electric and magnetic) which are not part of the curriculum. Again, there was no lesson plan but a small piece of paper. He went on and talk for an entire class without asking them to take any notes down nor assessment. Many kids lost interest and started to disrupt his lesson by talking to other kids. Many did math homework and played some electronic equipment.


  1. For what purpose are you sharing this journal?

    1. Why would you post it if you intended to actively question why anyone would read it?

    2. Why am I reading it? Good question. I guess I was hoping to see what happened at your practicum that made you feel as though you were being treated unfairly. Is the part where you were unfairly removed coming up... is this a big lead up to it?? So far, I'd say Mr. Tram is well within his rights to have concerns.

      In a previous post, I asked why your CT felt he was unable to approach you with criticism, to which you responded something about letting Mr. Tram tell the story.

      Does he go back in his diary and explain the original altercation/communication that he had with you which, obviously, has concerned him?

      Your leaving out critical information. WHAT made him feel he couldn't approach you? WHAT happened BEFORE the diary entries began?

    3. This is Mr. Tram's story, not mine. So if you are disturbed that anyone is leaving out "critical information", you complaint is not with me, but Mr. Tram. Perhaps the incident you're concerned about was so traumatic that Mr. Tram was unable to bring himself to put it down on paper.

    4. That was the weakest response you have ever given. Yeah. Okay. I guess I am upset with Tram. Your an idiot. Obviously you were there... why don't you just spill the beans? Yeah, yeah... Its Mr. Trams (out of context) story you are sharing...

      Is it possible that Tram only started recording his information AFTER the 'incident?' Its like starting a novel on page 150... it won't make sense to your readers. I give up. You just don't make any sense....

    5. If you think that Mr. Tram's diary "doesn't make sense", you are entitled to your opinion. I'm not going to argue with you on that point. But it made plenty of sense to the Faculty of Education when they relied on it to remove me from the practicum. And unlike you, the Department did not think it necessary to first demand that I "spill the beans" and tell my side of the story.