Monday, May 5, 2014

Mr. Tram's Diary: Day 2

Last week I started telling you what Mr. Tram wrote about me in his daily log book. As you may remember, he didn't think much of my first day of student teaching. That was a Tuesday. On Wednesday, Mr. Tram taught the class. I was supposed to have it on Thursday, but Mr. Tram took the first 20 minutes to finish before handing it over, so it was a short class for me. Friday was an in-service, so the next class was Monday the 14th. That's where Mr. Tram's diary resumes, so let's see what he says about me.

* * * * * * * *

Nov 14, 2011
Positive Approaches:
  - Starts with an experiment.
  - Deal with disruptive behaviours and loud music.
  -Has and presents in-depth (too in depth) understanding of the course content.
  - Shows great enthusiasm
   -Willing to start student teach a week ahead of schedule

Approaches that  needed to be improved:
 -Rub glass rod with fur (should be with silk – need a little fine tune)
 - Spends less time on magnetic fields and magnetism (not part of the grade 9 or 10 curricula).
  - DO NOT physically remove ipod from xx’s hand.
  - DO NOT touch/tap shoulder when ask him to leave the classoom.
  - Try to save his face in front of his peers.
  - Talks for the entire class
  - Students did not take down any notes
  - No clear objectives, assessment
  - Did not present the plans for the week (as requested before he started the block)
  - Avoid presenting too in-depth concept because these are students with learning difficulties    (the course is modified to 50%)

I have no idea should I share everything with Mr. Green considering the outcomes of my previous attempt to do so. I am not sure how is he going to take it when Mabini is not here today. What do I do if he gets very upset. However, I will try to mention tactically about the bolded points above.


  1. Why was your CT afraid of you? What happened that made him feel he couldn't approach you, Marty?

    1. Why don't we just let Mr. Tram tell the story?

  2. Should someone who is not able to communicate the English language clearly and effectively be allowed to be a CT?

    1. I don't have a problem with Mr. Tram's English.