Sunday, February 10, 2013

Axworthy on Human Rigthts

We're going to call attention to three things. Readers should consider any possible connections or disconnections.

1  In May of 2011, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the presidents of two organizations. According to the official announcement, the M.O.U.
will see their organizations work jointly to fulfill their common goals of promoting human rights education and encouraging people to take action for human rights.

“The goals of The University of Winnipeg and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights are very similar – providing human rights education and empowering people to take action – it is a natural fit to be working together,” said Dr. Axworthy.

2  Last December, there was a conference held at the University of Winnipeg called “Learning to Change our World Together”. As the announcement  indicates,
participants will discuss topics and develop action plans for change based on the following themes: Identity, Diversity and Worldviews, Liberty and Equality and Freedom of Expression and Opinion.
Following the conference, UNESCO, the sponsoring organization, included in its report:
Together, students, teachers and invited guests addressed the following sub-themes:  Identity, Diversity and Worldview; Liberty and Equality; Freedom of Expression and Opinion.

3  Last Thursday, a man went to the University of Winnipeg, started distributing leaflets, and was promptly arrested by police. Here's what the leaflet said:

Last year when I was a student in the Teacher Certification program, I was accused by Professor Lauralyn Cantor of insulting and ridiculing an ASL interpreter who had been invited to the class as a guest. This complaint became a centerpiece of the University’s misconduct proceedings against me. The University refused to disclose the details of her complaint to me until after I was expelled, and I was never given the opportunity to answer it.

I am presently suing the University and I need witnesses who were present in the class to testify as to what actually happened. The University has banned me from the property so I have no opportunity to meet and talk to my former classmates. If you remember the incident differently than the way Professor Cantor described it, I urge you to get in touch with me.

Marty Green

At the time of this writing, three days following the arrest, Marty remains in prison.


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