Friday, February 8, 2013

Ernest Goes to Jail

Here's a near-verbatim update by phone from downtown:
The guys in my cell block were asking me what happened when I went before the judge this morning, so I told them she offered to release me if I agreed to stay away from the U of W. Then I told them that I didn't agree to her terms. And one of the guys says, "Wh'the fuck are you? Ernest goes to Jail?"
(Photo credit: "Sinclairissa", Source:

UPDATE: After nine days in three different cell blocks, I finally got out. But the "Ernest" rap followed me everywhere I went. They called me the same thing in the Alpha cell block in Headingly. I can't for the life of me figure out why.


  1. Um can somebody explain to Marty that in the modern era, the University and Police are working on the assumption he's going to reappear one day with a shotgun?

  2. Go Marty! Get that criminal record! Lose the ability to EVER apply for a teching position!

    Seriously, go for it. Do us all a favor (or, you know, actually think about it and use this opportunity to better yourself by curbing that belligerence and gaining a bit of humility. Either way).

  3. Hi Marty: I guess you don't have a laptop in the slammer. We are with you....hang in there.....your firefighter buddies at #8 station

  4. What's this? A supportive comment? Do you ACTUALLY know Marty? Have you read his full account of this affair? I find it hard to beleive anyone who has really supports him.