Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The University Renews Its Trespassing Order

During the proceedings against me last winter, the University at one point imposed a trespassing order barring me from the University Campus effective January 11th, 2012. The order was to expire after one year. Accordingly, on the 12th of January 2013, I went back on campus, and subsequently visited several more times.

A few days later, the Chief of Security for the U of W, Martin Grainger, appeared at my front door and handed a notice to my son. It was a new trespassing order, and this time there was no expiry date. So the following Monday I wrote to the University as follows:


It has come to my attention that the University is considering the  renewal of the trespassing order that was imposed on me last year. I wish to  go  on record as stating that I would consider such a move to be an abuse of  the powers granted you by the Petty Trespassing Act, and I would urge  you not to proceed in that direction.

If it is your considered opinion that this is what you want to do, I would ask you to serve me official notice in accordance with the Court of  Queen's Bench Rules for Personal Service, and then we can proceed  accordingly. You may contact me to arrange service and I will cooperate. I have no  interest in attempting to evade proper service.

Until then, I will consider myself to be governed by the terms of the original order of January 2011.


Marty Green


  1. You are giving U of W students and teachers a bad name. You, like many others, will waste your life away pursuing a fight you will lose, all to prove you COULD have been right about 1 thing. I feel sad for people like you that spend your lives like this. Why don't you find someone to love you, get married, have kids, and find a new career. Live life instead of tearing others down.

  2. He has gotten married and has kids...