Sunday, February 3, 2013

Notice of Intent

On Friday, the 25th of January, I sent the following email to the University of Winnipeg:

From: "Marty Green" <>
To: "Colin Morrison" <>; "John Anchan" <>; "Lloyd Axworthy" <>; "Martin Grainger" <>
Cc: <>; "George Bush" <>; <>
Subject: Notice of Intent
Date: January-25-13 5:12 AM

Since January 11th, because of a complaint from Professor Bush about an
alleged incident at his home.  I have been barred from the University of
Winnipeg campus under threat of being charged with trespassing.  I believe
the University is aware that Professor Bush's allegations against me are
false and malicious, and yet they refuse to give me the opportunity to
refute those allegations. Indeed, their implementation of the Petty
Trespassing Act against me does nothing to protect the safety of Prof. Bush;
it only serves to publicize and add credibility to his defamatory claims. I
consider this to be a serious abuse of the University's powers under that

Having exhausted all other remedies available to me, I therefore find that I
have no choice but to assert my rights by presenting myself in person on the
University Campus. Unless the University can suggest any other legal avenue
of redress for me, I intend to do so at the earliest possible opportunity. I
will make use of any spaces and facilities which are normally available on
campus to members of the general public, and I can assure the University
that my presence will be peaceful and non-disruptive. If I am asked to leave
I will do so peacefully, but not until I am officially charged with

A copy of this correspondence is being sent to the Winnipeg Police Services.

Marty Green

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