Friday, February 8, 2013

Marty is Arrested

Yesterday at around 10 a.m. Marty was arrested at the University of Winnipeg.

Marty is being held at the Remand Center downtown. He reports that he is "facing multiple charges" and that he is "waiting for a chance to go before a judge to argue my bail conditions".

Anyone familiar with the arrest is encouraged to comment.


  1. While I dont have specifics, everything is right here in the blog...he's causing trouble, being in a place that he has been told many times he shouldnt be in. Simple if you ask me.

  2. So, if convicted, he will have a criminal record, therefire being fully ineligable to become a teacher at all.

    Way to go, defeating your own purpose. Way to go, man.

  3. The purpose of intelligence is to get to your goals: your goal was to teach, and what did your escalation lead to?
    Don't tell yourself it was a conspiracy, you know it can't be (and if you really think so, you're a mistrustful paranoid). They were probably in good faith at first, before you engaged them in this escalation.
    You are intelligent, but you are not using it for world's benefit, not even for your own good: you're using your intelligence to beat yourself. Why, I can only guess: because of pride? Then have a look at this:
    Or because of the psychological commitment you already made?
    Ask yourself this: couldn't you REALLY do better than this? Can you really, honestly say there was NO other possible way to get a better result than this? You know the answer: you failed to think outside the box for the whole affair.
    So, please, stop repeating the same mistake again and again! Just let go and escape of the prison you constructed around yourself.
    You can be more than this.