Monday, February 4, 2013

In Which I Ask for a Retraction

On Wednesday, January 23rd, I received the following email from the university's General Counsel:

Good morning, Mr. Green.
It is our understanding you may have filed a claim against Professor George Bush and that you are seeking to effect service of the document on Professor Bush.
As was the case in respect of your previous claim involving the University and the named Education Professors, we could arrange for service at the campus Security Office (Centennial Hall) 11:30 AM Tuesday January 29, 2013. Alternatively, you could effect service through a process server as is ordinarily the case, or you could consider effecting service as provided for in the Queen's Bench Rules at Rule 16.03 (registered/ certified mail or ordinary mail with acknowledgment of receipt form attached).
Please advise by not later than Thursday noon whether we should make arrangements to have Professor Bush present on the 29th at the campus Security Office, and for you to be permitted on campus for that purpose. If we do not hear from you by then, we will inform Professor Bush he does not need to be present at that time.
Thank you.
Apparently it had come to their attention that I wished to serve papers on Professor Bush, and they wanted to help me. I wrote them back:

I will be glad to accept the University's assistance in this matter if Prof. Bush will withdraw the complaint which led to the present trespassing order. Otherwise I will resume my efforts to effect personal service on Prof. Bush after I have completed the amendments to the claim which I am presently working on.
It seems that my conditions were unacceptable to the University, because they quickly responded:

Good morning, Mr. Green.
Based on your response, we will therefore not make arrangements for service on Professor Bush.

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