Saturday, January 21, 2012

Can they kick you out just like that?

Let’s understand what had just happened. My practicum block was over before it had begun, and all I had was a three-line letter from the Director of Student Teaching telling me that I was not to return to the school. No reasons given, and there was no appeal process indicated. I had shown up that morning as a student teacher in good standing, and now I faced the prospect of being finished as a teacher altogether. What school would hire a student who had been kicked out of his practicum?

The lack of written reasons only made the circumstances of the termination seem all the more sinister. What could it possibly mean other than I had done something so unspeakably horrible that it was beyond even putting in writing? It was essential that I get to the bottom of this. So I immediately wrote back to the Director of Student Teaching:

I wish to be provided with written reasons for my termination, including reference to the relevant University policies and procedures under which the termination was carried out.

Marty Green
I received my answer the next morning:

The Certification Practicum Student Handbook states that "School administrators have the authority and right to remove or request that Student Teachers be removed from the school. This may occur on an immediate basis if deemed necessary by the school administration." At this point, any further process regarding your file has been transferred to the UW Registrar.

Deb Woloshyn

Director, Student Teaching
Faculty of Education
University of Winnipeg

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