Saturday, January 28, 2012

The University Makes its Case

Six weeks after I was first informed that I was being investigated for non-academic misconduct, the Registrar finally provided me with a written summary of the allegations against me. I have some idea how horrifying these charges may appear, but for various reasons I am not yet at liberty to give my side of the story. All I can say is that things are not always what they seem. Here, then, is the letter which I received four days before Christmas:

Dear Marty:

I am writing in response to your request for written disclosure of the allegations that prompted my investigation under the Student Non-Academic Conduct and Discipline Policy.  I will summarize the comments made.

Several faculty members and students have submitted written complaints about your behaviour in classes during the term.  The specific allegations are that you have been perceived by them as rude, disrespectful, dominating class time, confrontational, aggressive, prone to personal attacks on students and on professors, that you reduced one student to tears, that you frequently used class time to express your dissatisfaction with the way the class was being taught.  In particular, concern was raised about your actions toward an American Sign Language Interpreter on Nov. 3, and your aggressive tone and conduct in a Physics class on Nov. 9.  Several other complaints made allegations that such behaviour from you was typical in classes during the term.  The reports come from the period October 27 through November 10, at which point the Deans attempted to meet informally with you to discuss these matters.  Subsequently, as you know, your practicum placement school requested that you be removed from the practicum.  Staff there made similar allegations to those from students and faculty on campus, as well as the allegation that you refused to follow directions and accept constructive criticism from cooperating teachers.

As per the policy, I am requesting a meeting with you to “review the matter and determine whether the facts as disclosed by the complainant are in dispute.”  Please contact me at (204) 786-9337 or in order to arrange a day and time.

Yours sincerely,

Colin Russell
University Registrar


  1. What happened with the ASL interpreter?

  2. I'd like to tell you what happened but that's not how it's supposed to work: in legal procedings, they're supposed to tell me what I'm accused of, and then I respond to it. Not before. Otherwise I'm just helping them build their case. But that's just a part of what's going on here.

    The real problem is that under non-academic misconduct, it's not a question of what I actually did, but the perceptions which my actions cause. So if people perceive that my actions are a threat to their "social environment", then I'm guilty of non-academic misconduct. It doesn't matter what I actually did.

  3. Because of the way in which you are unfolding the story, I'm a little confused. Has the matter been resolved? It's like reading a suspense novel....

  4. Sounds like they made the right decision.

  5. Marty, you conduct during this process, particularly your refusal to meet with the dean, illustrates that you are not a team player. Teachers have to be team players. You just don't have the inner makeup to be a teacher. Perhaps you should try law. You seem to have an aptitude there.

  6. Dear Marty,

    In the end I think you have dodged a huge bullet. Education faculties and the school system really are nothing but "conformity factories". They allow very little room for those who have different personalities and skills. If you don't fit the mold....out you go! There is an extremely high dropout rate occurring in our schools (shhh, it's a dirty little secret we in education don't like to talk about). So take it from me (I taught for 8 years then left) you are much better off using your talents elsewhere. It was the best decision I ever made and has been extremely fulfilling to work in an area that allows for some creativity, independent thought and freedom. The education system will never say it's wrong, they will not apologize and they will not change in our lifetimes. Unfortunately they are making themselves obsolete. Good luck in your future endeavors....not everyone thinks your "crazy"!

  7. You made a girl cry, man. Fuck, I would never want you as a damn teacher. I'm glad you won't be near my future children and making them cry too. Something bad psychologically going on here if you can't even guess why you're getting all of these complaints from multiple people from multiple schools.

    1. It's over three years since this was first posted. I've been in court dozens of times with the University over this, and they still refuse to disclose who was the girl I supposedly attacked or what were the circumstances. And of course they wont't disclose who made the accusation (a different girl altogether.)