Saturday, January 14, 2012

In which I am invited to a meeting

Until last week, I was a post-degree student in the two-year Teacher Certification program at the University of Winnipeg. I'm not there any more, and I'd like to tell why. Unfortunately, because matters haven't been altogether settled, it's not in my interest to say everything that I'd like to say. But I still really want to tell my story. I put up a short note on my other blog, Why I hate physics , but I'd kind of like to stick to physics on that blog. (Other than the occasional rant about the Jews.) So I've set up a separate blog for my U of W stuff. Which is this blog right here.

(Some of my links are getting messed up in ways that I don't understand. If you can't get to my physics blog with the previous link, try this one. )

How do I tell my story without giving away too much? It occurs to me that the correspondence over the last two months with the University would make pretty good reading. It's all on the record, and there's nothing in it that the University doesn't know about already. It all began the second week in November when I got a phone call from the Dean's office. The secretary wanted to set up a time for a meeting, which I did. I then asked her what was the purpose of the meeting. I don't remember whether she had an answer, but in any case I told her I would require to be notified in writing before I would attend. On the 10th of November I received the following message:

Dear Mr. Green,

In response to your request, the Faculty of Education deans have decided to meet with you to discuss a number of concerns and/or complaints from faculty members and students regarding your behaviour in your Education classes.

The meeting is scheduled for 3:00 PM on Thursday, Nov. 17. Please report to the Faculty of Education Reception area in Graham Hall.



Christy Campbell
Office Assistant
Faculty of Education
University of Winnipeg

And that's pretty much how it got started. For now, let's leave it there, and I'll post each item of subsequent correspondence more or less according to when the actual messages were exchanged in real time. So in theory, if I stick to the plan, we'll get to the present state in about two months.

Let's see what happens.

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