Monday, January 30, 2012

In which I request full disclosure

The Registrar had issued a damning indictment of my conduct, which on closer inspection was more about who I am than what I did: in other words, I was rude, arrogant, disrespectful, etc: but as to what I actually did, the indictment was rather sketchy. I therefore responded in the only way that made sense to me: I asked for full disclosure of all the evidence against me, just as I would be entitled to in any criminal procedings:

I received your letter dated Dec. 15 yesterday and I regret that you have not provided any details concerning the alleged conduct on my part which supposedly provoked these admittedly negative reactions on the part of other people. Surely you must understand that if I am to defend myself I need to know what specific actions I am accused of. It cannot be sufficient to tell me simply that other people were disturbed by my actions.
This is particularly so in the case of my removal from the practicum, where I have already been severely penalized without having had the chance to defend myself, let alone know what I am charged with. It is my reading of the procedures that the principal of Gordon Bell would have been required to provide written reasons for my removal at the time of the incident. I do not know why you have not provided me with her written statement so that I may respond to it. It is certainly not adequate to inform me, as you have done, that staff at my practicum school made complaints “similar to those from students and faculty on campus”. If such complaints exist, I believe I have the right to see them.
You have already told me that a report has been prepared by an impartial third party regarding these allegations. I cannot understand why you would feel I am not entitled to review this report. I am therefore requesting again, as I did two weeks ago by email correspondence, that you send me the entire file so that I may prepare to defend myself.
Marty Green

The Registrar was quick to reply:

I will take your request for additional information under consideration and respond shortly. I am aware of the pressing nature of this matter with regard to the commencement of the Winter term.
In fact, I would wait two more weeks to hear from him again. You can take your best guess as to whether he found it appropriate to provide me with the additional information I had requested.


  1. Now I want to know how you made a girl cry.

  2. Fuck the girl. Marty should have made a threat of legal action against the university at this point, after getting a lawyer. The repercussions have been great enough against him.