Monday, January 16, 2012

I tell the Dean the meeting is not necessary

On Thursday the 10th I got the following letter from the Dean's office. I had asked what was the purpose of the meeting which I had been scheduled to attend, and the office assistant answered as follows:

In response to your request, the Faculty of Education deans have decided to meet with you to discuss a number of concerns and/or complaints from faculty members and students regarding your behaviour in your Education classes.
The meeting is scheduled for 3:00 PM on Thursday, Nov. 17. Please report to the Faculty of Education Reception area in Graham Hall.

I considered this over the weekend, and on Tuesday the 15th I gave her my reply:

Please let the Dean know that I am aware of the whispering campaign that has been going on behind my back, and I appreciate his concern. However, I have decided that at this time my best course of action is to simply ignore it and continue attending classes, doing my assignments, and focussing on my main goal of getting through the program. So let the Dean know that for my sake, a meeting at this time is not necessary.
The Dean's office responded later  the same day:
Dear Marvin Green,
The Faculty of Education Deans feel that there are some serious issues regarding your behaviour in class that need to be addressed. Therefore, they expect to see you at the scheduled meeting. Failure to appear will result in further action under The University of Winnipeg Non-academic Misconduct Policy. This process can proceed with or without your attendance.
It seems the Dean was serious about having me attend the meeting. More to follow...

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