Tuesday, January 24, 2012

In which I am assured of Due Process

It had been three full days since I was forcibly removed from my practicum at Gordon Bell, and I still had no word from the University as to where I stood, or what I would have to do to salvage what remained of my prospects of ever becoming a teacher. Finally, at 4:00 on Wednesday the 23rd of November, I received the following email from the Director of Student Teaching:

In response to your email dated November 22, 2011, I would like to
provide the following information:

· When you declined to meet with the Faculty of Education Deans,

your file was transferred to the University of Winnipeg’s Registrar

· Currently, your status is under review. Due process will be

followed and you will be duly informed as the investigation moves

If you require further information, please contact the U of W

Deb Woloshyn

It was clear that my faculty was washing its hands of me. If I had any more questions, I was to contact the Registrar. It might have been nice of Deb to tell me the Registrar’s name or his email address, but apparently I was on my own when it came to that. In any case, whoever he was, this Registrar was obviously not about to get my practicum privileges restored. I guess I was just going to have to wait and be contacted. At least I had Deb’s assurance that due process would be followed.


  1. I notice that Deb is no longer signing off with "Regards". That is ominous, however, one can ask, "Regards to whom?"

  2. No, that's not quite fair: Deb has always been correct with me. I might have lopped of the regards when I cut and pasted, or maybe she left it out. Either way, I have to assume that the Dean is telling her exactly what to tell me.