Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I call the Dean's bluff.

On Tuesday, having reviewed the University of Winnipeg's posted policies on non-academic misconduct, I asked the Dean's office if they could show any reason under those policies why I should attend the meeting they had scheduled for Thursday. Wednesday morning I received the following reply:

Dear Marvin Green,

As mentioned previously, the Deans of the Faculty of Education wish to meet with you to discuss complaints from faculty members and students concerning your in-class behaviour. This is planned as an informal meeting. An unwillingness to attend will result in more formal proceedings.



Christy Campbell
Office Assistant
Faculty of Education
University of Winnipeg

I couldn't see anything wrong with that. (Othere than I never really cared for the name Marvin.) After all, it was me who had been holding out for more formal procedings in the first place. So I replied:

Thank you, Christy. I have decided that it is not in my best interests to attend.


Thursday and Friday came and went with no further word from the Dean's office. I didn't know that all hell was about to break loose.

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