Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Can they expel you for being an a**hole?

Let's say everyone agrees I'm a terrible person. Can they expel me for that or do I actually have to do something first?

I follow the news from Israel via Haaretz Online, and the other day there was a story I found outrageous about a Palestinian being arrested for "being a security threat". Maybe it reminded me of my own situation vis-a-vis the University, but I wrote a talk-back comment where I asked what kind of crime it was to "be a security threat". I didn't know if anyone else would find that peculiar: certainly the University considers it a very serious offense to be "rude, confrontational, aggressive etc". without finding it necessary to specify what actions constituted the supposed rudeness etc. on my part. In any case I was gratified to check in later and find that not only did many others post to express very similar opinions to mine, but my own post actually had the highest approval rating (118:5, thumbs up vs thumbs down) of all the 31 talk-backs posted online.

I'm not used to people agreeing with me, but it's kind of nice once in a while.

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