Friday, February 10, 2012

In Which Professor Bush Gives me an F

Around this time I saw my final marks posted in Theory of Science Teaching, a first term half course. I actually passed the course with a C+ which was OK with me except everyone else had A's and B+'s. The big hit was my final assignment, a three-lesson learning cycle plan for Grade 11 Chemistry. The prof gave me an F on that, and I thought it was a pretty low mark considering. So I wrote up the following letter of appeal, and sent it to the Registrar with a copy to the prof:

To: The Registrar
Prof. G.D. Bush
Vice-President, Academic
Dean of Education
Re: Final Grade in EDUC 15.4869
This letter notifies the University of my intent to appeal my final grade in “Theory of Science Teaching”. The grounds for my appeal are that the overall assessment of the final grade is demonstrably unjust.
Under the University procedures, I am required to submit my appeal in writing to the Registrar, who then forwards it to the Departmental Review Committee. In view of the circumstances of my case, which the Registrar is familiar with, I am asking him to consider a variation in this procedure whereby I would be allowed to present my case orally. The reasons for my request are as follows:
1. As the Registrar is aware, I am presently engaged in a conflict with my department whereby they have refused to engage in communication with me concerning my status, instead referring me in all matters to the Registrar’s office. I therefore feel I cannot expect a fair hearing from my department.
2. The requirement to put all of my arguments in writing places an excessively onerous burden on me at this time, given the complexity of my case, the demanding course load I am dealing with and the extremely stressful conditions of my studies at this time, the reasons for which are familiar to the Registrar.
3. In making my case, I wish to point out the extreme discrepancy between the marks I was awarded and the obvious quality of the work submitted. I intended to draw an inference of malice from this circumstance, and will wish to support my inference with evidence of various incidents throughout the term. I feel this is by its nature a case that ought to be argued orally and in the presence of the instructor.
I am therefore suggesting that the Registrar convene a committee to be composed of himself and two members of the Education faculty, including one of my choosing. I am willing to submit a written outline of my claim to the committee, including copies of all relevant supporting documents. The professor whose grade I am appealing should be a party to the hearing.
Please give this matter your most serious consideration.
Marty Green

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