Thursday, February 16, 2012

In which Prof. Metz complains about me

I think the idea was that after kicking me out of the practicum in December, I was just going to give up on the whole thing. I think people were pretty surprised when I showed up for classes in January, business as usual. But Prof. Metz didn't seem very happy about it. In the second week of classes, he complained to the Registrar that I was up to my old tricks. The Registrar was quick to act:

Dear Marty,
I understand that there was another incident in Professor Metz's class yesterday, in which your behaviour was described as disruptive and threatening. This ongoing situation is unacceptable, and you need to meet with me to discuss these concerns.
Accordingly, you are not to attend classes, effective immediately, until you have met with me, which you must do before the end of this week. The days and times that I have available are:
Wednesday, January 11, at 9:30 or 12:00;
Friday, January 13, at 10:00 or in the afternoon.
Please let me know what time would work for you.
What was the supposed incident which provoked this? The University had not yet put its version in writing, so it is not in my interests to disclose my version. In any case, I was going to have to deal with this, so I agreed to meet with him the next day:

I will be there 9:30 tomorrow (Wednesday). Please be prepared to give me a copy of Prof. Metz's written complaint.

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