Monday, February 13, 2012

In which the Registrar sticks to procedure

In my appeal of my final grade of Professor Bush's course, I told the Registrar I wanted to explain my side of the story. It seemed to me that this was just what he had been asking me to do all along, so I thought he would jump at the chance to hear me out. But it turns out he wasn't that interested after all:

Dear Marty,
Though this was a 9-week course that ended back in November, the approval of Fall grades has not yet occurred, so any grades are unofficial at this point and an appeal of a final grade would occur once your final grade is posted on WebAdvisor later this month.
A grade appeal is not related to the other matters under consideration to which you refer, so if you are dissatisfied with the final grade when it is official you should follow the regular process as outlined in the Calendar, and that process will be conducted without prejudice and reference to the other matters.
Best wishes,

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