Wednesday, February 22, 2012

In which I go to a meeting

The Registrar had just written to me that I was suspended from class on the basis of Professor Metz's complaint. He said I would not be allowed back in class until I attended a meeting with him. There is no such procedure in University Policies for compelling attendance at such a meeting. I wrote back that I would attend the meeting and I would expect him to provide me with Professor Metz's written complain. Naturally, when I showed up, the Registrar was not willing to give me anything in writing. I told him I was not interested in discussing the question of non-academic misconduct: I only wanted to know what avenues were available to me to have the suspension lifted. He answered that it wasn't a "real" suspension; he had just done it because he wanted to talk to me. Since I was now talking to him, the suspension was lifted. I told him in that case, I was going back to class that afternoon. Then I left.

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