Wednesday, February 15, 2012

In which I ask to be reinstated

It was the second week of classes, and I was treating it as business as usual. Of course it wasn't. Even ignoring the misconduct procedings, I had been kicked out of my practicum with no explanation and no appeals. The University had said that they would not reconsider my practicum placement until the misconduct issue was settled, and the Registrar was dragging that process into months. I decided it was time to re-assert my rights, so I sent the following letter to my Faculty:
Dear Debra:
I am writing you at this time because when you wrote me last November to inform me that I was being suspended from my practicum and that the matter was in the hands of the Registrar, you assured me that I would be afforded due process. Unfortunately this has not materialized; the Registrar continues to refuse my request for full disclosure of the information against me, and most recently he has threatened to return a finding against me unless I relinquish my rights to this information. He acknowledges that this is my right under the doctrine of "procedural fairness", but then claims that this right does not apply to me because "this is not a legal proceding".
Because of this unexpected development, I find that my expectation of being able to resume full participation in the program is in serious jeopardy. I am therefore writing to ask if you would consider having my practicum privileges temporarily reinstated, at least while the procedings against me continue to drag out, so that I am not being unfairly punished in advance of being convicted. I understand that this decision may not be entirely yours, but I am hoping you will want to take it up with the powers that be.
Marty Green
My letter was ignored.


  1. just a quick question: are you working this backwards, in other words, do you have the answer to the mystery which you will reveal at the proper time?
    Hope you had a great birthday celebration.

  2. You know, if you start at the latest post and read downwards, of course you're going backwards.It's not that I'm trying to make a mystery of it, it's just that I can't be telling my side of the story until they tell me what they've got on me. The point is, they're not going to learn anything by reading this blog that they don't already know.