Monday, February 6, 2012

Enough is enough already

Sent Jan. 5 2012:

TO: The President of the University of Winnipeg
Vice-President Academic, University of Winnipeg
Colin Russel, Registrar, University of Winnipeg
RE: Suspension from my practicum at Gordon Bell High School
Dear Prof Russell:
I reluctantly find that your ongoing refusal to provide full written documentation of the allegations against me constitutes an egregious violation of my right to procedural fairness. You should know that this right is explicitly guaranteed me in University policies; and even if it were not, it would still be available to me under the principles of the common law. It is not in my interests to share with you at this time the reasons for my insistence on this information, other than to point out that you do not have the right to continue to withold it.
It has now been seven weeks since I was suspended from my practicum and I have not yet been given the opportunity to see the allegations which led to this suspension. I find it outrageous that my rights continue to be violated in this way on a daily basis and insist that you immediately provide me with complete information, including all testimony recorded against me and any other evidence you have relied on up to this point, as well as full listing of the charges which you intend to press against me. Failing that, I demand that all charges be dropped and I be immediately restored to my previous status as a student in good standing with all the associated privileges.
Marty Green

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