Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ripped off Again by Greenshield

Last month I wrote about how my U of W dental insurance provider, Greenshield Canada, ripped me off on a broken tooth. My dental bill was $400, and they sent me a check for $38. After I complained, they followed up with another check for about $100, but that's still short by half of the 70% coverage they're supposedly providing.

Then, a few weeks later, I lost a filling. I went back to the dentist for repairs, and it came to $280. At a copay of 30%, I should have had almost $200 coming back to me. Today I got the check from Greenshield: it was $109.97. I'm sure they have some reason why the services I got were supposedly not covered, but it stinks. You break a tooth or a filling falls out...aren't those the kind of things a dental plan is supposed to cover? This is nothing but a scam.

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  1. Did you need all that dental work after getting your teeth punched out for being an asshole?